Albert F. Farrar Sr.
He is a retired Soldier who stumbled into Scouting thanks to his own son's desire to be a Boy Scout.

"I took my son fishing and he didn't like that. I paid for golf lessons and tennis lessons for my son, and he didn't like doing those either," Mr. Farrar said.

"And then he got into a Scout troop. He really loved Scouting. So, I switched all my habits over to what he enjoyed."

Farrar's son, Albert Jr., was a member of Boy Scout Troop 102, and Farrar was its Scoutmaster. After his son graduated from high school and went on to West Point, Farrar left Scouting. But it wasn't long before he was asked to be a unit commissioner for Boy Scouts.

"Troop 400 was a unit that just happened to be in my area. But at that time it was just a troop on paper," he said. "So, I volunteered to be its Scoutmaster. It gave me an opportunity to make a difference in some kids' lives who really, really needed it."

Scout Master's  Minute

Be sure to turn in your Report Cards in to me on Saturday at the meeting. And if you have A's on your report card give it Ms. Jennings for the Money for Grades Program.

Get your Physical Forms and permission Slip in to me signed by your parent/guardian.

Work Introduction workers be sure to get your child labor forms in to me signed by your parent/guardian.